Restaurant Arta on the isle of St. Grgur few nautical miles from Lopar

Restoran Arta, Grgur

Restaurant Arta

Wild freedom or free wilderness, where the nature and man live in harmony on where the nature conquers the man, where the spiders hang freely in their nets, waiting for their prey in sunlit branches, where the snake slithers across the street and does not care for the man, where the frogs at night, while the man sleeps, jump around on the beach, where the man (even the infants) swim at the beach with their dogs…and no one and nobody minds but all live in one harmony….that can be achieved only in one place… St. Grgur island.

St. Grgur is an island located in the Bay of Kvarner, between the islands of Rab and Krk. Although it has a small surface area with its highest peak Štandarac (226m), it is the second greenest island in Croatia. Today, the island is inhabited, and in the past it was an area for digging bauxite and recently it has served as the deer hunting ground, as well as for sheep grazing by many islanders. St. Grgur is now a tourist attraction, since you can still see the remains of the correctional home for women who worked here from 1948 until 1988, and 50 bunkers embedded in the rocky landscape.

Since ancient times St. Grgur was known on medieval maps by its early name Arta. This is exactly the name of our restaurant, located in the most beautiful bay of St. Grgur, with a particularly beautiful view of the sunset. Enjoy the diverse, rich and delicious variety of our establishment with a very friendly staff, and then explore the rich flora and fauna of the island and experience the magic of untouched nature!